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The Basics

Drug Free Workplace Program (The Basics)

There are 5 components to a drug free workplace program:

1. A written policy.

2. Employee education (Minimum 1 hour of training for new hires).

3. Supervisor training (Minimum 2 hours of training one time, 1 hour on drug abuse, 1 hour on alcohol abuse).

4. An employee assistance program (EAP).

5. Drug and alcohol testing.

This guide is a reference as you implement or update your drug use policy. If you desire, East Bay can write or review a drug free workplace policy for you as part of your membership in the East Bay Medical Consortium/TPA. A sound written policy that is consistently followed is the key to a drug free workplace that will protect your employees, the public, and your company. East Bay Medical recommends that your company’s legal counsel reviews your drug free workplace policy before implementation.

Your written policy should include but not limited to what is expected for employee and supervisor training, as well as what is in your employee assistance program, should your company offer this. Your company’s policy should include who will be tested for drugs and alcohol and how often. This can be at the employer’s discretion if your employees are not federally regulated. If your employees are DOT mandated to be drug and alcohol tested, East Bay will guide you through who needs to be tested and when. East Bay Medical is here to help with any of the components of a drug free workplace.

Topics to include in your drug free workplace policy:

1. Why the policy is being implemented.

2. A clear description of prohibited behaviors.

3. Who is covered by the policy? (Who to drug test?)

4. What drugs will be tested for?

5. When will the policy apply?

6. A clear explanation of the consequences for violating the policy.

7. Will there be Return to Work Agreements?

8. What type of assistance will be available? (This would be an EAP)

9. Who is responsible for enforcing the policy?

10. Who is the Designated Employee Representative?

11. How will this policy be communicated to the employee?

Share the policy with all employees and have them read and sign an agreement that they have reviewed and understand the policy.

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We provide Northern Michigan Drug Testing along with the following areas:
Boyne City Drug Testing | Cadillac Drug Testing | East Jordan Drug Testing | Elk Rapids Drug Testing | Gaylord Drug Testing | Grayling Drug Testing | Kalkaska Drug Testing | Kingsley Drug Testing | Mancelona Drug Testing | Petoskey Drug Testing | Traverse City Drug Testing

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