Employee and Supervisor Training

East Bay strives to ensure that each of our valued clients has access to the appropriate training materials for their supervisors and employees to ensure they are in compliance with all federal rules and regulations. This guide is meant as a resource for you to get training done as conveniently and thoroughly as possible. If you prefer on-site training for your employees by the staff of East Bay Medical,we are more than happy to provide this training for you. Call East Bay Medical for pricing and schedule availability.

East Bay will continue on-site supervisor training at your facility conducted by our MRO-A, Rick Barber. We place a great deal of importance on face-to-face training for supervisors because it is the best format in which we can answer questions and allay some of the fears and apprehension associated with for-cause/suspicion testing. The cost for on-site supervisor training is $50.00 per person for groups of  4 or more people or a minimum of $200.00 for less than 4 supervisors.

Training for safety sensitive employees is often part of the employee orientation process. Many employers find it difficult to cover all the required information in just one 60 minute session, especially with questions, and discussions. Many employers find that 2 hours is a more appropriate time frame for employee training. Topics usually covered in employee training are:

Drugs and public safety.

  1. Review of company’s drug and alcohol policy.
  2. Urine and alcohol collection and testing procedures.
  3. Alcohol and its effects.
  4. DOT prohibited drugs and their effects on individuals.
  5. Availability for assistance/EAP programs.