Welcome to East Bay Medical’s Drug Free Workplace Program manual. This program is designed to keep your company and your employees up to date with the training requirements for a Drug Free Workplace. Drug Free Workplace Programs help employers create cost effective, healthy, and safe workplaces. Unless federally mandated, employee drug and alcohol testing is generally not required by law. However, if you do decide to test, you must adhere to all state and federal regulations.

The concept of a drug free workplace was the result of a national effort to promote safety on public roads and highways. In 1988, the Drug Free Workplace Act was enacted for all DOT regulated employers. Unless federally mandated, companies are not required to drug test their employees. However, many companies do drug and alcohol test their employees and have a policy in place as a standard employment practice. Drug testing may not be for all employers, but a formal, written policy against employee substance abuse is. It provides a safer workplace in general and, specifically, reduces work injuries, lost time, absenteeism, and worker’s compensation costs.

East Bay recommends that your company understand its federal rights and responsibilities for businesses when drug and alcohol testing employees. We have provided links to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Family Medical Leave Act.